We don’t just use the slogan “We aren’t just another sign in your yard!”, we live by it. Take a look at our specialized step-by-step buying process:

Slide Get pre-approved for a loan. 1. Need a loan? Search around for for the best interest rates, find a lender, and get a pre-approval letter. A good loan officer will walk you through the process. Slide How much should I spend on my home? Now that you have a pre-approval letter do some work on your end. How much SHOULD you spend? A good rule of thumb is to keep your mortgage less than 28% of your pre-tax income.
Slide Find, interview, and choose a property agent. 3. The one is on you, but TurnKey will happily make a recommendation! Hopefully, our agents make the cut. Slide What are you looking for? 4. There are so many options to consider when looking for property. How many beds and baths? City or country living? What style of house? Work with your agent to define your criteria to your TurnKey home. Slide Let's go shopping! 5. Based on your criteria TurnKey will narrow down your options and schedule appointments to see available properties. It's a great idea to keep an eye out yourself and notify your agent if you see something of interest. Slide Make an offer! 6. TurnKey will guide you through this process. An official offer needs to be presented to the sellers with a time-frame to respond. Our agents will help you understand what market value should be on the property.
Slide Get an inspection. 7. Now that your offer was accepted it's time to take a deeper look. Your agent, with your approval, will select an inspector and arrange for it to be completed. A detailed report is provided for review. This is where you ask for things to be repaired or replaced.
Slide Appraisal process. 8. The lender will arrange for an appraisal on the property. This is an independent estimate of the value of the property. There isn't much for you or your agent to do here. Slide Sign and close. 9. At the official closing you will sign the paperwork we have been completing behind the scenes and get your new keys... or begin waiting the allotted time before you take possession. Start packing!
Slide Moving day! 10. It's time to move into your TurnKey home! We suggest that you guilt all of your family and friends into helping with this process. It may be necessary to host a nice cookout when it's all done.

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