Contractor’s Friend

Are you wanting to start a renovation project?  Defining your project scope, budget, and selecting a contractor can all be difficult tasks.  A TurnKey agent can help; We aren’t just another sign in your yard!  Let us guide you through our 5-step approach that leverages our relationship with local contractors to assure quality work and timely completion for a competitive price.

Who is Our Clientele?

  • Sellers: Clients looking to list their home but have a few minor updates that need completed first.
  • Buyers: Clients looking to purchase their forever home that aren’t afraid of a few projects.

  • Homesteaders: Clients searching for a new vision in their forever home.

  • Investment Property Owners: Clients looking to add equity to their current portfolio.

The Remodel Process

1. Scoping of Improvements
Let’s start off by noting of the improvements you want completed. Whether it is updating flooring in a few rooms or remodeling your master bathroom, we will make note of it!

2. Budget and Prioritize Improvements
Once we understand your budget for improvements, we can prioritize accordingly. Our agents can help you understand where you will get the most for your money.

3. Gather Quotes from Multiple Contractors
Leave it to us contact the contractors and get apple-to-apple quotes. We work with contractors every day and understand the services they provide. Based on your scope of work, we will identify a few who fit your needs and requests quotes.

4. Review the Quotes
Time for review! Your TurnKey agent will sit down one-on-one and go over the quotes. We can make a recommendation based on our experience.

5. Get to Work
It is time to get on the schedule! Your TurnKey agent will schedule the project with your contractor. Once construction starts, your TurnKey agent will actively check on the progress of your project and work with your contractor to assure quality work is completed and on time.